Glenn Danzig’s evil empire thrives 

click to enlarge Glenn Danzig, left, and his band Samhain appear in their “30 Bloody Years” tour on Saturday at the Warfield. - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Glenn Danzig, left, and his band Samhain appear in their “30 Bloody Years” tour on Saturday at the Warfield.
In his colorful 37-year career, Glenn Danzig has built an impressive empire. The singer has anchored three eerie ensembles, often simultaneously: Danzig, The Misfits and Samhain, which makes a rare appearance in The City on Saturday, on its “30 Bloody Years Tour.” He also runs his own record label, Evilive, and a thriving publishing company, Verotik Comics, with sinister self-authored titles like “Satanika” and “Weird Voodoo.” Now the serious gore hound is preparing to conquer one last realm – filmdom, via a top-secret new horror movie he is preparing to direct. “I can’t say too much about it now,” he whispers. “But in a month or two, I’ll have some more information.”

You love collecting books. How many do you have now? Oh, thousands and thousands. I built a library, but I don’t have enough room to fit all my books in the library anymore!

Film, comics, paintings, music, even tattoos – you’ve always loved all art forms, equally, right? Yes. And I look at certain things that I like – be it punk bands or whatever – and I see elements of art usually found in other things, as well, from Wagner to ABBA to whatever. There are these general elements that tie them all together. That’s why many people that listen to loud music like to listen to Wagner – there are similar dynamics in the composition.

But you enjoy staring into the abyss. Hey, I live there! And it’s not a place “down there” – it’s everywhere. There are people who follow the path that’s already laid down for them. But I just prefer to blaze my own path. And you know you’ve done that when your art doesn’t resemble anyone else’s.

And now you’re tracking a certain covers record? Yes. I’ve been working on this “Danzig Sings Elvis” EP. “The Sun Sessions,” for instance, is very raw rockabilly, with not much drums, and it’s what would become rock and roll. I’m not sure which songs I’m going to cover, but I’m doing them my way – kind of faithful, and kind of not.

An interesting footnote – you had Danzig songs in all three “Hangover” movies. I was asked to contribute a song to the first one, but then for the second one they asked me to write an all-new song, “Black Hell.” And then on the third one, they asked to use “Mother” for a key Vegas scene.

You were even featured in a George Romero documentary, right? He was the director who changed everything. When “Night of the Living Dead” came out, it was initially banned because people were actually vomiting at screenings. No one had ever seen somebody eating another person on screen before. Even now, it’s still pretty creepy.


Samhain featuring Glenn Danzig

Where: Warfield, 982 Market St., S.F.

When: 8 p.m. Saturday

Tickets: $30 to $45

Contact: (888) 929-7849,

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