Giving ex-cons a leg up is insult to law-abiders 

I was outraged by your story about city legislation under consideration to provide convicted felons with stronger rights to housing and jobs as a “protected class.”

Enough is enough. Even if they served their time for crimes, they are still ex-felons and should have to search for work and housing like anybody else.

They chose not to obey the law, so why should we give them special privileges or advantages? It is hard enough to get jobs or housing these days as it is, and now law-abiding citizens might have to compete with ex-cons who get more of an advantage because of their criminal past.

Get real, San Franciscans, and make sure this doesn’t pass.

Ade Vlaho
San Francisco

Joys of watching soccer

Watching American soccer players contend for the Women’s World Cup was exciting. Thanks to the Recreation and Park Department, among others, for sponsoring the big-screen TV at the Civic Center Plaza.

It was joyful to be out there in the sunshine and under the trees with good-natured and enthusiastic sports fans. It was a great day out for the children to put in their memory banks. And congratulations to the Japanese winners.

Al Ujcic
San Francisco

Splitting state just politics

For the past few presidential elections, California’s winner-take-all 55 electoral votes have gone to the Democratic candidates. Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone is now getting a great deal of attention for suggesting a two-state

It’s all about politics, plain and simple. Republicans want to split the state to garner part of those electoral votes for the GOP candidates.

Ralph E. Stone
San Francisco


Congeniality in Congress

I wish the entire Congress could have attended Betty Ford’s funeral service here in Palm Desert last week. As I watched on TV, I saw Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ushered to a pew where she was seated right next to President George W. Bush.

For a few minutes, it was very awkward. Then a wonderful thing happened: Hillary and George began to converse, smile, discuss and joke before the service started.

Now, if these two political polar opposites could get along for an afternoon, why can’t members of Congress follow their example?

Ray M. Smythe
Cathedral City

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