Give Market Street to pedestrians, tourists 

Given the fact that The City has all but given up on any real business along Market Street, they really should just close the street to vehicle traffic from Castro to the Embarcadero.

We would be much better served if The City used its enforcement assets to stop the blockage of vehicles creeping into intersections with no hope of clearing the crossing prior to the light changing (especially along the approaches to the Bay Bridge in the afternoon commute), and to ticket bicyclists for running red lights or impeding traffic flow in vehicle lanes.

Forcing the tourists, who are The City’s life blood, to walk or ride bicycles through Civic Center would increase the profitability of all the merchants located along that corridor, as well as reducing the amount of crime committed against said tourists.

Jerry Brown, San Francisco

Saltworks cheats wetlands

Recent reporting alleges that Cargill/DMB, developer of the Redwood City Saltworks project, spent $100,000 lobbying the Bay Area Conservation and Development Commission to leave its definition of “infill” intentionally vague about considering sea level change in its approval process.

This was so Cargill/DMB could claim its project as “infill” to avoid some scrutiny. But the Saltworks project is not “infill” as commonly defined.

It would be a new town with a population of 30,000 and office space for 10,000 workers, all housed below sea level, physically separated from the rest of Redwood City, and created by filling in salt ponds that have been targeted for restoration to wetlands.

The site has no significant utility infrastructure, no significant potable water and no existing roads or flood control. It will require long and expensive extensions of existing utilities from other parts of Redwood City. This is a “fill-in” project only in its attempt to fill in 800-plus acres of former Bay marshland and remove all possibility of wetlands restoration.

David J. Crabbe, San Carlos

End anti-Asian bombast

The racist and anti-Asian statements against Mayor Ed Lee and his candidacy in the November mayoral race should be condemned. San Francisco likes to boast of its embrace of cultural diversity. Yet these recent slurs hurled against the Lee candidacy expose the deeply rooted cancer of racism that exists in our society.

All candidates should be evaluated on their merits, experience and leadership, not on their racial ancestry. Shame on those who spew anti-Asian racism right here in San Francisco in 2011!

Anh Le, San Francisco

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