Gibbs: "A wake up call for everybody in this town" 

Oh, Ed Henry! You scamp.                                   (ap photo)

The message from the White House today is: Of course we understand the Massachusetts election results. People are angry -- it's why we ran in the first place, ya dummy. From Robert Gibbs:

"The anger and the frustration that the American people have at the fact that a lot of work has been done and they don't necessarily feel like their economic lives have progressed in the past year is understandable.

As I said yesterday, that's what brought candidate Barack Obama, a year ago today, to be inaugurated as President Obama."

Gibbs said neither he nor Obama expected to lose that Senate race. He described the mood as "frustrated" said the White House bears some responsibility. Whether the president embraces a more populist tone to align himself with the public's mood is uncertain.

"Look, you're not going to see the president pound on a desk for the sake of political theater. I think what is more important than anything is understanding the frustration out in America that the president has seen and having that frustration and anger guide policies that will get the middle class back up on their feet with a sense of security," Gibbs said.

Obama will speak for himself tonight in an exclusive interview with ABC News. Apparently, he talks about what's next for health care reform, which the White House says it's not ditching.

"He says in this interview that if there are constructive and substantive ideas about how to move health care reform along, obviously he'd like to hear them. But what I don't want -- what he doesn't want to do, and I don't think what anybody has any interest in doing, including Republicans, go back to where we were last summer. Right?"


Right.                                                    (ap photo)


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