Giants’ Posey stating his case to be NL MVP 

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As Buster Posey continues to make a mockery of anyone trying to get him out with a straight face, those charged with selecting a National League MVP should be hoping the hot streak rolls on throughout September.

If it does, it stands to reason that Posey will have, at the very least, carried the Giants to the finish line neck-and-neck with the rival Los Angeles Dodgers. Whether the Giants actually overtake L.A. and claim the NL West title won’t really matter. They’ll still make the playoffs, likely as wild-card hosts, and Posey’s case for a second career MVP will be impossible to ignore given where the Giants stood a couple of very short weeks ago.

If the hot streak cools considerably, the Giants have no shot at making a serious run at the Dodgers. What’s been happening is no coincidence. As was written in this very space before the season even started, the Giants need Posey at his superstar best to be a threat. And if the Giants are no threat to the Dodgers late this month, the aforementioned voters will have virtually no choice but to name Clayton Kershaw the NL’s MVP.

You know what that means, right? Cue up the controversy. The Twitterati will eventually find out which members of the Baseball Writers Association of America voted for Kershaw over Posey, or Andrew McCutchen, or whomever else they think worthy among NL position players, and get right to work on bombarding said writers’ accounts with all manner of admonition.

Now, some writers have personalities that welcome such attacks. They enjoy the back-and-forth, however crudely or vulgarly executed, or they like the attention, or they’re smart enough to know that being in the eye of the Twitter storm usually brings additional followers. In today’s media environment, having a huge number of followers is only slightly less important to some scribes than having a huge number of Marriott points.

But most writers would prefer their votes remain anonymous or, at the very least, they’d prefer to stay out of the eye of any storm. They’re old school, following the adage that journalists should, at all costs, avoid becoming part of the story.

If Kershaw wins the MVP, the voters won’t just be part of the story. They’ll BE the story.

Should pitchers even be eligible for MVP? Isn’t the MVP award the position player’s version of the Cy Young? How can you deem a guy who works every five days more valuable than a guy who’s busting his ass every single day? These are among the questions that get recycled every time this topic surfaces, and never are they answered to anyone’s true satisfaction.

My thoughts? I’m fine with pitchers being eligible for the MVP award, but only in extremely rare cases would I consider giving a pitcher my vote. Would the Dodgers be in first place without Kershaw? I don’t think so. He’s been that good. And if someone doesn’t step up and carry a team to the finish line as Posey’s threatening to do, I’d probably have to hand it to the lefty. And then I’d close my Twitter account for a month.

Mychael Urban, a longtime Bay Area-based sportswriter and broadcaster, is the host of “Inside the Bigs,” which airs every Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon on KGMZ “The Game” (95.7 FM).

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