Giannoulias fundraiser went after D.C. condo owner 

The controversy began with this video of a rooftop fundraiser for Illinois Senate nominee Alexi Giannoulias, D. It was taken by a Republican Party videographer who had permission to be in the building from one of its residents, but was not accompanied by her at the time. As you can see, he was handled a bit rougly:

The story doesn’t end there, though, Politico reports:

The tracker contended that he had been invited to the rooftop by a different resident of the condominium building. And that resident accused Kosmas and several other individuals of showing up at her door later that evening, around 11:00 pm, and confronting her “using inappropriate and threatening terms.”

The accusing resident did not open the door at the time but was later escorted by a building security guard to Kosmas’ condominium to complain, according to accounts by both parties.

According to a letter sent to the Giannoulias campaign by the woman’s attorney, Bobby Burchfield, Kosmas “would not commit to refrain from repeating the situation” and the woman was “knocked on her shoulder” as she walked past him.

“One of Mr. Kosmas’ guests answered the door…and commented aloud that ‘it’s the bitch from the roof,’” Burchfield wrote of the woman, who he declined to name citing safety concerns. “[She] recognized the man, as well as Mr. Kosmas, as two of the individuals who had knocked on the door earlier in the evening.”

Kosmas says he was in the right, because the videographer was breaking the building’s rules. The Giannoulias campaign disavows all involvement:

“Our campaign has no role and thus no response to this, which appears to be a dispute between a private property owner and someone who was apparently trespassing on private property,” McGrath said.

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