GG Park bike lanes are dangerous to all 

In your article about all the successful bike lanes around San Francisco (“Lane changes moving S.F.,” July 1), the author failed to point out the inherent problems with the new Golden Gate Park bike lanes. They’re unsafe for cyclists, motorists and pedestrians alike.

The people who designed the lanes must be social planners and not engineers familiar with bicycle traffic engineering, since the lanes are actually illegal according to the California Highway Design Manual. In its chapter on bikeway planning and design, the manual states, “Bike lanes shall not be placed between the parking area and the curb.”

Cars have fewer parking spaces and now have to block traffic while trying to parallel park into a much smaller lane than before. They then have to try to unload their passengers and pets while cyclists whizz by as they try to cross the lane to get to the curb.

Cyclists now ride in a lane between the curb on the right and parked cars on the left. You have cyclists, roller-bladers, rental bikers and children all stuck in the same lane with pedestrians trying to get to and from their cars. The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition has lost sight of bicycling safety in its effort to speed up implementation and boast about  cross-city bike lanes.

Thomas Kleinhenz
San Francisco


Subway work poorly timed

Regardless of whether one is for or against the Central Subway, tearing up North Beach just in time for the America’s Cup is a bad idea. The tourists will likely migrate to the district like never before, but will not want to wade into a construction zone. The City should instead be trying to finish existing projects.

You wouldn’t tear apart your kitchen when guests are expected, would you?

Tim Donnelly
San Francisco

Bomb threat suspicious

Why was the Ethics Commission hearing suddenly halted, but with little explanation (“Ethics case tensions escalate,” Monday)? Mayor Ed Lee was whisked away through a back door. Certainly a bomb threat should be a matter of grave concern to public safety — yet only the mayor was taken away. The public was left in the room for several hours not even aware of the threat. The selective evacuation left many people at potential risk. One wonders at the motivation for declaring a crisis — it was reminiscent of a bomb scare on my college campus at the start of our final exams. The buzz at the time was that someone did it because they weren’t ready to perform.

Vivian Imperiale
San Francisco


No more bad politics

After reading Melissa Griffin’s column (“Duplicity as usual on Brown tax bill,” July 1), I am dumbfounded by the political games and corruption that continues to take place in this state. Why are there no representatives of the people to stand up and call for a stop to the manipulation of our political system?

I can only hope that the people of California will take a stand and tell Gov. Jerry Brown we will not stand for your corruption and manipulation. Please, people, make your voices heard!

Leslie Tozzini
Redwood City

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