Get your Gritpop on with Viva Brother’s ‘Famous First Words’ 

Oh, Brother! Quite literally, it seems — that much-heralded young four-piece from working–class Slough in Britain is dropping a subtle bomb on its fans this week.

Not as elaborate as Prince changing his name to a hieroglyphic or anything.

But in the future, you must refer to them as Viva Brother. Yes, you read that right. And the contractually necessitated moniker switch couldn’t happen at a more opportune moment — the band’s long-awaited, Stephen-Street-produced debut, “Famous First Words,” is finally hitting shelves Aug. 2.

But the lads have a way with words, anyway. They came up with their own term for their Blur-jangly guitar rock: Gritpop.

“It was just a bit of a middle finger to people calling us Britpop revivalists,” says brash bandleader Lee Newell. “Because we are by no means Britop revivalists. Not to say that it wasn’t a good era. But we’re just music revivalists — we’re bringing back good music. And If we were gonna be pushed into a pigeonhole or generalized, then we would rather do it under our terms. And it’s cool, because what other band can say that they’ve got their own genre? Not many!”

For more, visit Viva la Gritpop!

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