Get It Mobile’s Chris Tanner on making apps more user-friendly 

Tanner launched Get It Mobile’s consumer site last month after a lengthy career in technology. With mobile-app overload, Tanner hopes his latest foray will make it easy for consumers to get an app via email, a brand’s website, Facebook and all other avenues.

What do you hope to get out of Get It? We’re trying to build the easiest way for people to get mature apps ... period. We’re completely focused on mobile. ... We’re here to make it easy for people to get to the app. We’re all about getting and sharing apps.

How did you get the Get It idea? I’ve always kind of worked on technology that ran on platforms ... from Google Earth, video games and all the way down to mobile. But in the end, we had all this great stuff, but we couldn’t actually get people to our apps. It was very frustrating. But we wanted to solve that problem.

How does the site work? Our focus right now is on getting a particular app. So if you go to the site and enter in Tetris, you’re gonna get a simple product page, and you’ll have the Tetris app embedded directly in the page.

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