George Will: the national pastime is no longer baseball -- it is rent-seeking. 

Russ Roberts at George Mason is a great economics professor, and George Will is one of the very best columnists today. That makes this online conversation a great listen of you're a conservative writer who likes baseball. But Will really nails it in this section:

There's an inherent ... corruption in an administrative state that we have. The government is so big, so deeply involved, everywhere you or it turns, in the allocation of wealth and opportunity that the national pastime is no longer baseball -- it is rent-seeking.

That just comes with the territory. You can't have it otherwise....

It's one of the crowning ironies of our day that liberals, who are the great architects of the adminstrative state, are also the great complainers about lobbyists, who are the natural consequence of the growth of the adminsitrative state.

When government decisions allocate great wealth and opportunity, great wealth will be spent on influencing government decision-making. It just follows as night to day.

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