Gen. McPeak: Libyan no-fly zone is a cakewalk 

Sen. John Kerry has drawn an imaginary line between "military intervention" in Libya, and a "no-fly zone," which would require bombing airports and taking out Libyan weapons and planes. My column today shows how there is no difference between no-fly and war.

But New York Times columnist Nick Kristoff appears to believe in Kerry's imaginary line, penning a column arguing that doing this a no-brainer. Kristoff's quotes from Gen. Merrill McPeak, former Air Force Chief of Staff -- quotes that contradict the view of Defense Sec. William Gates -- sort of remind me of the days leading up to the Iraq War.

Some highlights:

“This is a pretty easy problem, for crying out loud.”

“I can’t imagine an easier military problem,”

“Just flying a few jets across the top of the friendlies would probably be enough to ground the Libyan Air Force, which is the objective.”

“I think it would have a real impact. It might change their calculation of who might come out on top. Just the mere announcement of this might have an impact.”

And Kristoff sounds the old "consequences of inaction" line we got pre-Iraq and pre-TARP:

So let’s remember the risks of inaction — and not psych ourselves out. For crying out loud.

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Monday, Mar 25, 2019


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