GE and Comcast lead the nation in lobby spending by corporations 

Nowhere on TV do you see hosts and guests railing about corporate influence in politics more than on MSNBC (especially on Mondays on the Dylan Ratigan show, I'm one of the ones doing the railing). MSNBC is owned by two corporations, General Electric and Comcast.

Guess which two companies spent the most money on lobbying last quarter? GE and Comcast, which spent $6.8M and $4.9M, respectively. For GE, that's more than $3.25 million a month, or more than six figures per day.

The number one overall lobbyist, measured by dollars spent, is the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which spent $9 million. The top single-industry lobbying groups are the Realtors, the drugmakers, and the cable industry.

Second-quarter lobbying filings were due yesterday. Here are some of the top spenders. First, the trade associations:

Chamber of Commerce  $9,040,000
National Association of Realtors  $7,120,000
U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform  $5,610,000
Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America  $4,690,000
AARP  $4,680,000
National Cable and Telecom Association  $4,370,000
American Medical Association  $4,340,000
American Hospital Association  $4,220,000
National Association of Broadcasters  $3,380,000
Edison Electric Institute  $3,230,000

And now for individual companies:

General Electric  $6,770,000
Comcast  $4,880,000
AT&T  $4,850,000
Boeing  $4,410,000
Verizon  $4,380,000
ConocoPhillips  $4,338,992
Lockheed Martin  $3,920,000
United Technologies  $3,920,000
Shell Oil  $3,910,000
Exxon Mobil  $3,810,000
Pfizer  $3,550,000


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