Gazing into the crystal ball for 2007 

Now that 2006 is behind us, thoughts turn to the future: What is next for the Bay Area? What trends will change the nation? Who will be the newsmakers? What will happen to some of our biggest local celebrities and institutions? And, most importantly, will the ground shake in our fault-ridden slice of heaven?

To answer some of these questions and more, The Examiner took the liberty of looking into the tarot cards on behalf of the Bay Area, consulting with two San Francisco psychics — Sister Madalene in the Mission and Terry Yoder in the Castro — to find out what’s in store in the year ahead.


Will Barry Bonds break the home run record, or will he be dragged down by his legal problems?

Sister Madalene: "[Bonds] will have more success but it won’t come this year. Things are building up nicely, though."

Terry Yoder: As he pulled the high priest tarot card representing Bonds, Yoder said the Giants slugger would learn much about his talents and his duty to society as an athlete. "It’s going to be a humbling process," Yoder said.

Will The City’s beloved football team

move to Santa Clara?

Sister Madalene: The psychic thinks the fans — the famed 49ers Faithful — will be disappointed. "I think they’ve really had it. They are going to move."

Terry Yoder: "[The 49ers] will remain in negotiations. Although they are undecided at this time, they ultimately won’t go."

The Bay Area

Will Bay Area home prices

get any cheaper in 2007?

Sister Madalene: "Housing will remain a problem." She said she expects home prices to remain sky-high.

Terry Yoder: "There will be a continuation through spring, and then things should stabilize for a while. I see prices going down on rentals, though."

Will the next big earthquake rattle

the Bay Area in the coming year?

Sister Madalene: "We might have an earthquake, but I feel it won’t be as huge as we think. The little ones we are having lately are a sign to get prepared before."

Terry Yoder: "My sense is that there [will be] seismic activity, but it’s not going to be a big one; pressure is being released," Yoder said, foretelling that the next big earthquake might not even be centered here in California.

Technological advances

Terry Yoder: "I see a lot of economic growth and income for the Bay Area in biotech. And San Francisco will have a breakthrough in HIV/AIDS or cancer, and there will be a spotlight on the process."

Will the rise in violent crime

continue through 2007?

Sister Madalene: "I wish I could say it’s better, but I don’t think it will be."

Terry Yoder: "Crime will be about the same, maybe slightly up."

San Francisco's Mayor

Will the very eligible Mayor Gavin Newsom

take a walk down the aisle in 2007?

Sister Madalene: "I don’t think he is really that interested in this woman [he is dating]. He will, however, change a lot within the next year, because he hasn’t really found himself yet."

Terry Yoder: "I feel [the mayor] is deeply in love with this person. His sentiment is very strong. Because of challenges in his work, he may just propose but won’t marry."

The mayoral race: Will voters return Newsom to office?

Sister Madalene: "[Newsom] will keep his position. He has many friends in politics."

Terry Yoder: "This is going to be one hot and heavy race and a close election." Yoder said Newsom will claim the

mayoralty after being challenged by an unknown, emerging candidate.

The mayor’s hairdo: Will he test out another new look?

The consensus: Both psychics reported that the mayor’s trademark coiff would stay slicker than a Slip ’n’ Slide.


Will local fashionistas

and designers set any

trends in 2007?

Sister Madalene: "I don’t see any changes."

Terry Yoder: "I sense there is some strong talent in San Francisco, but they get up and leave. So I’m going to have to say ‘status quo’ on this one."

The dating scene

Sister Madalene: "Things look better [for single people]. I would say to not look for commitment if there is nothing serious there."

Will The City’s now-notorious Castro Halloween celebration be shut down for good?

Sister Madalene: "I don’t think it will last as long as it used to. I see it shortening down."

Terry Yoder: "The will of the people will be heard — but I think [the celebration will last] one more year and then will be canceled."

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