Gascón waffled on death penalty stance 

It would appear that District Attorney George Gascón has made a fool of the San Francisco Police Officers Association in his alleged support of the death penalty. His support claim was only a tenuous gimmick to seek the SFPOA endorsement.

Now that Gascón is trying to gain political points from a variety of other groups, he has waffled and now opposes the death penalty.

Gascón was appointed by ex-mayor Gavin Newsom, who was notorious for saying one thing and doing another as long as it would benefit him politically. Unfortunately, Gascón is also following the lead of previous district attorneys who acted as if using political expediency to gain the next higher office is more important than prosecuting criminals and protecting citizens.

Certainly Gascón’s opponents are well justified in criticizing him.

Robert A. Jung, San Francisco

Homicide still unsolved

I just realized it has been more than six months since the murder of a man I knew, Lyn Magnuson. He was murdered at his North Beach jewelry store in March. He was kind, modest and generous, always willing to give transients a handout. But because he wasn’t in any of The City’s identity interest-groups nobody has protested the fact that his murder goes unsolved.

Lyn died at the corner of Lombard and Mason, across from the North Beach pool and playground, near the library and a few doors down from the Tel-Hi Community Center, a haven for children and the elderly.

In a city so full of righteous indignation that we can’t even get home on the BART train Monday afternoons due to protests, someone else ought to be angry about this like I am. I think it’s terrible that no one seems to care.

Kathy Wormhoudt, San Francisco

Iran report premature

How did so many American publications get sucker-punched into reporting that the two imprisoned American hikers would soon be released by Iran upon payment of $1 million in “bail”? The report I read was attributed to Masoud Shaiei, the lawyer for the pair who were convicted of crossing Iran’s border to spy for the U.S. What happened to second-sourcing news stories, the first rule in Journalism 101?

Al Ujcic, San Francisco

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