Gary Numan is back and looking just the same 

  • Gary Numan (Getty Images file photo)

Is there a withered old flesh-melting painting, “Dorian Gray” style, of noted New Waver Gary Numan, moldering in some English attic? Could very well be.

In photos for his new “Dead Son Rising” – which he’s self-releasing via on Oct. 24 – the guy is still slim, trim, and sporting the same jet-black shock of hair and spooky mascara from his “The Pleasure Principle” era (an album whose 30th anniversary he just celebrated with a huge, retro-minded world tour). 

Eerie, right?

He’s also a licensed pilot who’s flown more hair-raising, death-defying sojourns than Eddie Rickenbacker himself – no joke; Numan has some downright scary aeronaut tales to tell, fuel lines freezing, plummeting straight into the Atlantic and whatnot.

And the man is still pushing the sonic envelope, as well. “Dead Son Rising” was hammered together from a collection of old demos from previous projects, and fleshed out with his longtime keyboardist/collaborator Ade Fenton.

There are even two adventurous instrumentals featured, “Resurrection” and “Into Battle.” “The original ideas behind these songs are now barely visible,” Numan reports. “In the last nine months, the album has grown into another animal, something more experimental and fluid.”

Numan also collaborated with Battes for their new single “My Machines,” and is already hard at work on his next album, “Splinter.”

No U.S. tour as of yet – he’s tooling through England instead this winter.

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