GAO report shows Obama's contempt for science, taxpayers 

A new government report says that U.S. taxpayers are out $9.5 million, and national efforts to store nuclear waste safely have been set back decades, because of the Obama administration's haste to terminate the Yucca Mountain, Nevada site designed to store spent nuclear fuel.

The opposition to the Yucca mountain site in Nevada, the report notes, is not based on sound science. Rather, despite Obama's promise to base decisions on science, this one is based entirely on political and social considerations -- mostly having to do with the power of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., who has maneuvered for years to block the site's use. Even worse, the money spent so far on Yucca means there may not be enough left over to build a new facility for the waste.

Taxpayers will also be held liable for Reid's successful waiting game.  The federal government has already paid more than $15 billion because of lawsuits over its failure to take control of nuclear waste from across the nation as planned, the report says. Meanwhile, nuclear waste is scattered across America, waiting for a permanent home.

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