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Fundraiser Holly Million’s “A Helluva Camp” mini-conferences help filmmakers and nonprofit directors find the money to make their projects come alive. Educated at Harvard and Stanford, she is also a teacher who runs adult education classes for the San Francisco Film Society, and has written a book, “Fear-Free Fundraising: How to Ask People for Money.”

Who benefits from your conferences? It’s definitely for the can-do people. Some people wait until opportunity knocks. Some people go out and make things happen.

How did you get involved in film? Nobody told me I couldn’t be a filmmaker and so I just did it. Nobody told me I couldn’t publish a book, so I did it.

What if people had told you that you couldn’t? They would find quickly that they’d get run over.

One of the seminars is how to ask people for money. Could you give me a pointer on that? My major specialty is asking for large amounts of money. You’re not going to get results if you don’t relate to a person first. You also have to be very articulate, and get your point across quickly. This seems simple, but it also comes down to be willing to ask.

Why is it so hard to ask? They think that somehow there’s a shortcut. They think that they’re going to have to bear their soul and their going to be rejected and embarrassed. You’re going to fail no matter what and that is not a problem, especially for a can-do person.

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