Frivolous lawsuits drain state of employment 

Bad lawsuits cost good jobs. One way to create jobs in the Bay Area would be for our Legislature and governor to pass legal reform laws — especially stopping vexatious litigants who wipe out jobs by repeatedly filing frivolous lawsuits against our small business owners.

Vexatious litigants target small businesses where the cost of a legal defense exceeds the cost to settle. Many businesses simply decide their best choice is to settle out of court to make the cases go away. When there are no court challenges, vexatious litigants can file dozens of cases without ever having to prove actual injuries before a judge and jury.

California lawmakers must support laws allowing judges to designate litigants proven to be vexatious and stop them from filing more cases. We need more jobs, not more lawsuits.

John Merchant, San Francisco

Trim state bureaucracy

Many private corporations have had to reform and restructure to meet the business downturn. Now our present California budget stalemate means the time has arrived for state bureaucracies to do likewise.

The social welfare educational bureaucracy must eliminate unproductive, irrelevant and non-essential programs, even if it means doing away with state university departments where no demand for gainful employment has existed for at least 20 years.

Our fiscal dilemma is not due to lack of tax revenue. It is due to an antiquated attitude on the part of liberal politicians whose priorities are social engineering and retaining their political duchies. Republican legislators are performing a long-term service to future California generations by demanding that the governor and the Legislature’s Democratic majority good governance instead of perpetuating undisciplined free-for-all spending.

Mike McAdoo, San Francisco

Our Libyan misadventure

The mainstream media has turned off the volume on our Libyan adventure, and no wonder. We are supporting a ragtag, outgunned mob and find ourselves on the side of al-Qaida. Gadhafi must go, but who and what will take his place?

I notice I haven’t received any invitations to join a peace march lately. How shy the Bush haters have become these days.

Paul Burton, San Francisco

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