Frantz: Let the rest of the world have soccer; we’ll take football 

Facebook status-updating my way through the sports world:

Bob Frantz ...

... is proud that the United States still doesn’t seem to be very good at soccer. Let the socialized European and Third World nations around the world have their bicycle kicks and their headers. When NFL training camps open late next month, we’ll call them all and ask how they’re doing with their little yellow and red cards — and we’ll laugh
ourselves silly.

... thinks Marcus Jordan is right about his dad and Kobe Bryant. No matter how many titles he wins, Kobe will still be the guy who quit on his team in Game 7 of the Los Angeles Lakers’ 2006 series with the Phoenix Suns. The so-called “greatest closer” in the game could be celebrating title No. 6 right now had he not refused to shoot in the second half of that game, scoring just one point, in order to prove to critics how valuable he is. Michael never would have done that.

... believes Vince Young should stay the hell home. Any multi-millionaire athlete who steps foot in a strip club and/or surrounds himself with drunken idiots who may or may not be fans of theirs hasn’t a clue on how to handle their fame and their fortune. Don’t athletes learn anything from Pacman Jones, Plaxico Burress, Tank Johnson, Ben Roethlisberger and the rest of them?

... has been blown away by the three-start, 32-strikeout debut of Washington Nationals phenom Stephen Strasburg, but would still take Colorado’s Ubaldo Jimenez in an open draft today. Strasburg, for some reason, looks so much like the sequel to the Kerry Wood Story, it’s scary.

... thinks the Washington Redskins should have Albert Haynesworth arrested for grand theft and imprisoned for the duration of his contract. When he took the $21 million bonus the ’Skins owed him on April 1, as part of the $100 million contract he signed just one year ago, he knew exactly what kind of defense they would run. And now he’s holding out because he doesn’t like it? He took the cash and reneged on his job. That’s theft. Lock him up.

... still isn’t sure what LeBron James will do, but thinks the King laid the groundwork for a move to Chicago months ago when he announced his switch from jersey No. 23 to No. 6 and suggested that all NBA players forego the number in deference to the greatest player in NBA history. Nothing says “Don’t compare me to Michael when I come to Chicago” quite like losing his number.

... wants to thank his father for the guts. With just one eye, two shattered and re-built legs, multiple skin burns and a bad heart, he still limped to the backyard to nurture my love of sports by pitching to me, hitting to me, throwing passes to me and shooting hoops with me, usually after torturous 10-hour days running the tar kettle. He’s been gone for 14 years now, so I don’t think he’ll mind that this message is a day late for Father’s Day ... but thank you, Dad.

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