Frantz: A surprising revelation about Rangers’ manager 

A little of this, and a lot of that ...

- Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington, one the most well-liked personalities in baseball, admitted last week to testing positive for cocaine at the age of 56. Asked to explain his bizarre behavior, Washington said his eyes aren’t as good as they once were, and that he thought he was ingesting flaxseed powder.

- Another possibility: Perhaps Washington was merely trying to comply with President Barack Obama’s new socialized medicine program, by getting a head start on the “social” part.

- His good-guy reputation in tatters, Washington has announced he will manage his first game this season from the friendly confines of Augusta National.

- In a related story, reports out of New York say that Yankees’ ace CC Sabathia has also failed an offseason drug test. The 300-plus pound left-hander’s blood allegedly tested positive for Cocoa Pebbles.

- Word out of Alameda is that first-round draft bust JaMarcus Russell reported for offseason Raiders workouts in better shape than he was in all of last season. Russell has slimmed down so much that his harshest critic, head coach Tom Cable, is reportedly leaning toward naming him as the Raiders’ starter at defensive end instead of tackle.

- Early reports on Russell also seemed to indicate a willingness to compete for a starting job. When asked if he liked “Charlie Frye coming back,” Russell responded with an emphatic “Hell yes I do!” He later confessed he thought they asked if he liked “garlic fries with that.”

- Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is fighting sexual assault charges for the second time in less than a year. At a rate of one sex assault per Super Bowl ring he wears, Pittsburgh women are praying he never passes Terry Bradshaw and ends up with one for the thumb.

- Just in time for Tiger Woods’ return to competitive golf at the Masters, one of his alleged mistresses claims to have graphic text messages from Eldrick. The texts reference three different tournaments in which Woods was competing at the time he sent them — all of which he won. That may explain why Tiger has invited the producers of “Girls Gone Wild” to do an Augusta shoot early next month.

- People are talking about what abuse Tiger will face when he returns, but does anyone actually think hecklers or sign-makers will be tolerated? Tiger will have more protection than the president on a tour of Kabul, in addition to his Bouncer-In-Chief, Stevie Williams. Woods over the field by three.

- Fourteen-time Grand Slam champion Pete Sampras may have gotten the best of eight-time winner Andre Agassi during their intense on-court rivalry, but Sampras is clearly trailing in the trash-talk department.

After Andre turned his pants pockets inside out at a charity event, referencing Pete’s reputation as a bad tipper, why didn’t Pete simply hold his head-mounted microphone to his lips and inhale as deeply as he could? After all, if Agassi is going to use stories from his book to insult Sampras, wouldn’t it be fair for Pete to flip to a different chapter and keep reading?

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