Fox offers sneak peek at new series ‘Alcatraz’ 

While many TV fans are lamenting the cancellation of some of their favorite shows, San Francisco residents can get an early peek at a new Fox show, “Alcatraz,” at their website.

“Alcatraz” filmed on city streets and neighborhoods in February. The show was created by JJ Abrams and is already drawing comparisons to “Lost” because it’s a show with another island and another mystery. However, Inside TV says it stands on its own.

According to the website, the show follows a “San Francisco police detective (Sarah Jones) who teams with an expert on the prison (Jorge Garcia) after a murder suspect turns out to be a Alcatraz prisoner who disappeared from the island about 50 years ago. It seems the killer wasn’t the only prisoner to vanish — or the only one to return. And now they must stop the Alcatraz escapees as they re-enter modern society without having aged — and try to solve the mystery of how this is happening, and why.”


So stay tuned San Francisco, there may be something about Alcatraz you don’t know yet.

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