Former Democratic NLRB chairman calls Boeing complaint "unprecedented" 

Slate's Dave Weigel spoke with a Clinton era chairman of the National Labor Relations Board, and described him as "mystified" by the decision by the current board's general counsel to sue Boeing for opening up a non-union factory in South Carolina.

The former chairman, Bill Gould, told Weigel:

"The Boeing case is unprecedented," he says. "I agree with much of what this board has done and is likely to do, but I don't agree with what the general counsel has done in the Boeing case. The general counsel is trying to equate an employer's concern with strikes that disrupt production and make it difficult to make deadlines—he's trying to equate that with hostility toward trade unionism. I don't think that makes sense."

This makes two former NLRB chairmen to call the action "unprecedented." Last month, a former Republican chairman, Peter Schaumber, told me there was "no precedent to support" the action.

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