Forbes says Obama making same energy mistakes as Carter 

Magazine magnate and former conservative presidential candidate Steve Forbes is up today on Politico with a perceptive oped in which he reminds us of the sad performance of President Jimmy Carter during the energy crises of the late 1970s.

"The Obama administration is repeating the mistakes of President Jimmy Carter’s failed energy policies, which marred his term and stigmatized the 1970s. They are leading us straight into another national energy disaster," Forbes writes.

He continues by making a point that has been made repeated by The Examiner's editorial page, namely, that no matter what is done on the renewable energy resource front, America will still be mainly dependent upon fossil fuels like oil and natural gas for the next three decades.

Obama's Middle East policy fails to account for this fact and then compounds the problem by in effect putting the federal government at war with fossil fuels, according to Forbes:

"It skirts the colossal elephant in the room: Oil and natural gas produced here in the United States are likely to still account for at least 57 percent of domestic energy consumption by 2035. Not to mention that energy production here can relieve the U.S. from the dangerous grip of foreign petro dictators."

Forbes has much more to say, which you can read here.




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