For insurers' bottom lines, ObamaCare may be no Big F*@%ing Deal 

CBS News reports:

The insurance industry that was demonized in the health care debate faces a flood of new customers and tight new regulations, but when it comes to their bottom lines, it appears little will change...

So a bill sold to the public as a broadside to the insurers may be no such thing. CBS quotes one insurance executive who calls it a wash:

"We will have more people covered, which is good, you have greater revenues," said Dr. Jeffrey Kang, chief medical officer for insurance company Cigna. "But on the other side, you actually have these premium taxes, which will really offset the revenue so altogether from a profit perspective, probably neutral."

So the Democratic charge -- that opposing this bill was "standing with the insurance companies" -- might not be true.

Not to say I told you so, but these analyses jibe with my reporting on the issue

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