Foodler co-founder aims to remove the edge from ordering takeout 

John Jannotti, the co-founder of Foodler, a company that expedites and eases the burden of ordering from various takeout spots and restaurants, opened a San Francisco location in October and recently launched a mobile website. lists about 200 city restaurants and hopes to expand that number to 500 by next year.

How did you and Christian Dumontet come up with this concept? The idea was that restaurants don’t really have great experience on the Internet. It can be hard to order from them. And even beyond that, it’s hard to order in general. So we wanted to come up with a website that would make that easier.

Aside from making the ordering process easier, what else does the site do? We’ve focused on things like not just rating restaurants, like you see on a lot of sites, but rating individual dishes.

How is your new mobile website doing? The one thing that we’ve been aware of is that there was a time when having an Internet experience was enough. But now, people are more likely to have their phone in hand and not have their laptop nearby.

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