Flower snipper decimates roses 

A “dastardly” vandal beheaded dozens of The City’s iconic Lavender Lassies and Royal Sunsets that brighten Golden Gate Park’s scenic Rose Garden.

On Wednesday morning, a city gardener found three plots of eight to 10 rose bushes meticulously snipped in the garden that spans from John F. Kennedy Drive to Fulton Street. It was one month after about 16 eucalyptus trees in the park were sheared, and park officials have offered a $2,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

“It’s obvious they knew what they were doing,” said Denny Kern, Recreation and Park Department director of operations. “It was right at the height of their bloom, too.”

Both the rose and tree attacks happened overnight, and both have consistent cutting patterns.

The trees were sawed off at their bases near the Music Concourse and the rose stems were slashed diagonally and in groups.

“One was about 1 foot, the next was about 2 feet and the third was about 2 to 3 feet,” Kern said. “The good news is the 3-foot ones will grow back.”

In the meantime, police from the Richmond district station are patrolling the park undercover, waiting for the culprit to snip again.

Park officials are still working to asses the total cost in damage.


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