Flood of regulations on business must stop 

My wife and I are retired. For the last 12 months, we have been inundated with paperwork from our banks, credit card companies and stockbroker. We just received our Comcast bill and enclosed was an “Important Notice,” a five-page document that I presume the company is required to send us.

I would say that weekly, we receive these “important notices” from every company we do business with. With all this paperwork for two retirees, I can only imagine the problems that companies have, trying to keep up with all those new regulations.

This madness has to stop or we will be the first country to regulate itself into a Third-World country.

John Thomas
San Francisco

Why so many police cars?

At a time of overall transit budget difficulties and the serious problems specifically relating to the BART police, I was surprised to see eight BART police vehicles parked overnight at the San Bruno BART police station.

How can the capital cost of so many vehicles be justified for one station of an agency that is servicing a rail transit system, requiring police to travel on BART rather than city streets during enforcement actions?

David Milton
Foster City

Donate money to shelters

I don’t care how many times the dog-killer artist Tom Otterness apologizes, his city-funded sculptures don’t belong in the Central Subway or anywhere else in San Francisco. Instead of receiving $750,000 from The City, he should donate money to animal shelters for what he did while filming that poor defenseless dog.
S. Ramirez
San Francisco


Poll numbers skewed

Your Sept. 12 story, “Majority of SF voters still back Central Subway, according to new poll,” demonstrated how pollsters often phrase questions to get predetermined outcomes desired by the paying client.

That poll was commissioned by Central Subway supporters, and the question that people were asked was if they supported a “new underground public transit line that connects Chinatown and the downtown to the growing concentration of new housing and jobs South of Market.”

A more accurate question would have been “Do you support a new underground public transit line that disconnects Chinatown and the South of Market from the Market Street corridor, BART, Muni Metro and 25 interconnecting bus lines?”

Howard Wong
San Francisco

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