Fire CCSF trustees for years of inaction 

"There is a way forward for City College," Opinion, Tuesday

Fire CCSF trustees for years of inaction

Publishing hogwash such as City College of San Francisco board of trustees President John Rizzo's op-ed detracts and distorts the truth, and is counterproductive to The San Francisco Examiner's hope of ever being an objective newspaper.

Anyone can contact Donald Lind at CCSF and see the compensation that is being doled out to certain staff members — which does not include their generous benefit packages or fat retirement plans. Very many of them work much less than 32 hours per week and very many work less than 48 weeks per year.

Rizzo and Dr. Natalie Berg have been on the board for many years while they sat by and allowed the CCSF ship to take on water. Now they want to deny any responsibility or any culpability.


If it hasn't been pointed out, since 2006 the commission has been warning CCSF of problems. The very first thing that needs to be done now is to eliminate the entire incompetent and incapable board of trustees.

Gianni Schenone, San Francisco

•"Height of building that would house Mexican Museum still at issue" The City, Monday

Support Mexican Museum

The property at 706 Mission St. under review for a high-rise residential tower was designated years ago by The City as the future home for the Mexican Museum. Unfortunately, the museum directors and staff could never raise the funds to build the structure. Thus, the current scheme was developed whereby a high-rise residential tower would be built on the property, including suitable space for the museum.

In effect, a portion of the considerable value generated by the residential building would benefit the museum.

The wealthy and very vocal opponents of the tower who reside nearby could easily make the tower go away by funding the building of the museum themselves.

Since they seem motivated more by self-interest than sympathy for the museum, they have not offered this solution.

Instead, they are resorting to spurious arguments and harmful acts against the museum project to get their way.

James W. Haas, San Francisco

"William, Kate, show off their royal newborn son," News, Tuesday

Royalty, who needs it?

The arrival of the newborn to Kate Middleton and Prince William is certainly a big joy to the couple and their families. There is no joy greater than a newborn coming into this world. We wish the couple well.

However, reading The Associated Press' news report that "[in about 60 years] the baby can be expected to become the head of state of 16 countries, including Britain, Australia and Canada" moves me to ask: Hasn't the British Empire and its colonial history already faded long ago and become archaic?

Anh Le, San Francisco

•"Union blasts BART negotiator" The City, Tuesday

No more BART strikes

Like an Old Wild West stagecoach holdup where the passengers are robbed and sent walking to town, BART workers may return to the picket lines and go back on strike if they don't negotiate a new contract by Aug. 4.

At a time when cities are insolvent and entering bankruptcy, with businesses either laying off workers or making more jobs part time, with more people requiring federal food stamps — perhaps those increased wages, higher retirement funds, more health care and increased safety measures are not in today's cards.

Frank Norton, San Francisco

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