Fight child obesity with water in schools 

"S.F. expanding access to drinking water at schools," The City, July 29

Fight child obesity with water in schools

Kudos to the San Francisco Unified School District for increasing access to water during the school day. Since kids spend so much of their time in schools, they are an ideal location to promote water consumption.

As a retired Army general and member of national security nonprofit Mission: Readiness, I am deeply concerned that 1 in 4 young Americans is too overweight to join the military. Without water and other healthy-drink alternatives in schools, I fear sugar-sweetened beverages will contribute to rising rates of childhood obesity.

Schools complying with state and federal laws that require fresh drinking water be made available during mealtimes in school food service areas should be applauded.

I hope more schools follow the SFUSD's lead. Water-refilling stations, along with the creation of wellness councils that promote drinking water, are great ways to ensure health happens in schools.

Keith H. Kerr, Retired brigadier general,Santa Rosa

• "Board sets hearing to probe BART labor dispute," The City, Tuesday

Consider BART arbitration

I haven't heard anything regarding binding arbitration as a means to break the impasse in the BART labor contract negotiations. It is a better option than a strike, and should be utilized whenever public-transportation workers, or other vital workers, cannot reach a settlement.

Tim Donnelly, San Francisco

• "Car-sharing company under fire from governments here and on Peninsula," The City, Tuesday

FlightCar is an innovator

FlightCar's business plan sounds refreshing. It sounds like a young company prepared to use automobiles in a more efficient manner for profit, but also in a way that would also benefit all travelers, whether or not they owned a car.

Yes, it might encourage more driving in the short run. However, the concept could eventually lead to less car ownership and therefore ease The City's parking woes. It could also threaten the customer-profit tax base of such protected and monopolistic, and therefore ossified, entities as the taxi companies, the airport parking lot moguls, San Francisco International Airport, other agencies and, yes, public transit.

If the threat served to render these outfits more efficient and responsive to public need, it would be good for everyone.

Gerald Cauthen, Oakland

• "S.F. State, other CSU campuses adopt technology to help combat alcohol poisoning deaths," The City, Friday

Help stop binge drinking

Glad to read that state universities such as San Francisco State University are beginning to use modern technology to reduce deaths from binge drinking, which is very common on college campuses.

Many, if not most, youths are in the "invincible" stage of life and don't believe anything bad can happen to them, whether it's death from binge drinking or sickness from chronic cannabis use. Research has shown that the prefrontal part of the brain that relates to judgment does not fully develop until youths are in their early to mid-20s.

Fiona McGregor, San Francisco

Hiroshima anniversary

Marking sad anniversary

As we commemorate the 68th anniversary of the U.S. dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, let us renew our commitment to work for peace in our world. More than 220,000 Japanese people were killed and gravely injured by the bomb. Let us honor those who perished, and work with all our strength to make sure that such a holocaust will never occur again.

Anh Le,

San Francisco

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