Fans more than ready to leave Barry Bonds’ scandal in past 

Giants fans polled outside of AT&T Park had two words for Wednesday’s verdict in the Barry Bonds trial: Over it.

For many Giants fans, the conclusion of the trial didn’t justify the time and expense of the case, in which jurors convicted the 46-year-old former home run slugger on just one of four charges he was facing.

“I’ve been a huge Bonds fan ever since he came in ’93, but it’s all in the past now,” said Bill Mullen, 32, of Elk Grove. “It was a huge waste of taxpayer money.”

Others sympathized with Bonds, who is now perhaps officially the defining figure in baseball’s so-called steroids era.

“Barry Bonds did whatever he had to do to keep up with the Joneses,” said a ticket scalper who goes only by Big J. “Nobody gave a damn about steroids until he started coming after Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth.”

Still, others said Bonds got his just deserts.

“I don’t think steroids was the right way to go, and to lie about it, that’s horrible,” said Danielle Sanderson, 29, of Vallejo.

The mention of Bonds drew a slight grimace from almost every fan questioned, and most milling around the park before the Giants game against the Dodgers agreed: The Giants have moved on.

“After winning that championship, a lot of Giants fans can rest their heads at night,” said James Piper, 30, of Novato. “We have that without him.”


Comments from the cove

“He was just trying to keep up with the times.”
Terry Hancock, 25, Sacramento

“It’s not much of a big deal. It’s in the past. Winning the World Series is a comfort for that.”
D.J. Ingalls, 19, San Leandro

“I don’t think he took steroids to begin with. That’s my hero. I think he did it all natural.”
Emmanuel Vargas, 21, San Francisco

“He made a choice and we love him, and want him to have his records.”
James Piper, 30, Novato


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