Family of Stephen Guillermo, man shot in neighbor's apartment, protests shooter's release 

On Wednesday, the San Francisco District Attorney's Office dropped its case against Amisi Sudi Kachepa, 68, who allegedly shot his neighbor early Saturday morning, prompting outcry from the victim's family.

Stephen Guillermo, 26, was fatally shot around 1:40 a.m. in an apartment in the 900 block of Mission Street. Guillermo lived in the building and reportedly entered Kachepa's unit accidentally.

Family and friends of Guillermo testified before the San Francisco Police Commission on Wednesday afternoon, according to KTVU. They questioned Kachepa's release from jail without charges.

KTVU reports that Emil Guillermo, a cousin of the victim, asked, "What more do you need? Are you waiting for something to drop out of the sky? What are you going to find out? Don't you have enough to charge him?"

But following the testimony, Police Commission President Thomaas Mazzucco stuck by the decision not to file charges against Kachepa.

"We feel for all of you," Mazzucco reportedly said, "But there is a system. The District Attorney has to be able to put a case beyond a reasonable doubt within the laws of the State of California."

California penal code 198.5 says that a person who faces fear of death or bodily injury in their home and who uses force is deemed to be acting in self-defense.

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