Ezra Klein: Times Square bomber proves we’re not doing enough about about home foreclosures? 

The Washington Post’s Ezra Klein has an, uh, unusual take on the Times Square terrorist, who he notes had recently defaulted on his mortgage:

But it’s a reminder that foreclosures generate an enormous amount of misery and anxiety and depression that can tip people into all sorts of dangerous behaviors that don’t make headlines but do ruin lives. And for all that we’ve done to save the financial sector, we’ve not done nearly enough to help struggling homeowners.

To be fair, Ezra does caution against speculating on the bomber’s motives before, well, proceeeding to speculate about his motives. However, did Ezra consider the possibility that Faisal Shahzad was planning on blowing something up and fleeing the country, rendering paying his mortgage pointless?

I won’t speculate about Ezra’s motivations, but if Ezra didn’t meant to make a self-serving political point here — it sure reads like it.

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