Eye doctor dissects myopia's causes, cures 

Ophthalmologist Thomas Aller has been practicing since 1986 and developed the most effective method yet for slowing the progression of myopia.

What is myopia and how prevalent is it? Myopia, or nearsightedness, causes blurred distance vision. The term nearsighted tends to confuse people as it refers to what the eye does well, not what the problem is. No one comes in to the office complaining that their near vision is just too darn good, they complain about their distance vision. Myopia usually results because the eye is too long or the lens is too strong.

What are some causes? There are very good studies that show that myopia is inherited, kids with two myopic parents, for example, have a high risk for myopia. On the other hand, the massive increases in myopia throughout the world, often in less than a generation, suggest that genetics can’t be the only cause.

Is there a cure? It is probably fair to say there is no cure, but there are now effective, proven treatments that can slow the gradual worsening of myopia that is typical in children.

What’s the most effective way of reducing myopia? Right now, the most effective way to reduce myopia is through the use of bifocal contact lenses.

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