Express bus is best way to get to Candlestick 

After reading your Sunday article about the 49ers game-day dash race between a car and Muni, I really had to laugh. Anybody who knows anything about sports and the 49ers knows the best way to get to Candlestick Park via public transportation: You take the Muni express buses.

Your transit-riding reporter could have gotten off the N-Judah train at the Powell Street station, gone to Fourth and Market and picked up the express bus that runs from there directly to the ’Stick. These buses have been running on game days for years.

It is a very fast and efficient way to get to the park — almost door-to-door service. You get picked up at your stop of choice on the express routes and get dropped off at the front gate of Candlestick.

Barry Chown
San Francisco

Project has traffic issues

DMB developers’ plans for the Cargill salt ponds project in Redwood City should be abandoned now. Last week they abrogated their commitment to traffic mitigation by eliminating vehicular traffic on one of three ingress/egress points, which will severely impact Highway 101 and surface street traffic.

Earlier, it was announced their plan to bring water in from Kern County isn’t supported by the two water agencies that would have to OK it. This site should be returned to wetlands. The only good thing about this project is the jobs it’s created for all the consultants and DMB. I guess that’s something.

Linda D. Busek
Redwood City

Problems for Israel

The Israeli Embassy in Cairo was recently attacked by mobs screaming “Death to Israel.”

The Egyptian-Israel peace treaty, with the growing power of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, seems to be disintegrating.

So why should Israel put trust in a “peace pact” with Palestinians when the Palestinian Authority-Hamas regime still calls for annihilation of Israel and its Jewish citizens?

Scott Abramson
San Mateo

Too much wasted money

Yet another state auditor’s report has found waste and misuse of California funds. But what are the repercussions for these violators? How do we prosecute and make these violators pay for wasting taxpayers’ money? It seems they just give the violators an early retirement or a slap on the wrist.

Maybe I should start applying to become a state or city official. The incentives are too sweet a deal for anyone to resist, and it is too easy to get away with abusing public trust.

Ade Vlaho
San Francisco

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