Expect fill-ins at second base for the SF Giants 

click to enlarge Freddy Sanchez’s slow-healing shoulder may mean Giants fans will be seeing a lot of Mike Fontenot, left, and Ryan Theriot at second base to start the season. - US PRESSWIRE FILE PHOTO
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  • Freddy Sanchez’s slow-healing shoulder may mean Giants fans will be seeing a lot of Mike Fontenot, left, and Ryan Theriot at second base to start the season.

The Giants are getting worried about the pace of second baseman Freddy Sanchez’s progress this spring; his surgically repaired throwing shoulder has his availability for Opening Day further and further in doubt every day.

This should surprise exactly nobody. The guy has always been a slow healer, so prepare yourself for some serious Ryan Theriot action in April unless Mike Fontenot goes bananas this spring. And with all due respect to Theriot and Fontenot, both perfectly serviceable big-league backups, you’re excused if reading that last sentence made you want to vomit.

SUCH A TEASE: The Warriors’ win on the road Wednesday over the struggling-of-late Atlanta Hawks was nice, but let’s get real: It came after one of their patented no-shows in Indiana and was squarely in keeping with a season-long pattern of teasery.

(And I don’t care if “teasery” isn’t a real word; my column, my rules.)

The point is, the Dubs win just enough to make you think there’s hope for a run at one of the bottom-feed seeds in the playoffs, but as soon as you decide to dig through your closet for that “We Believe” T-shirt, they look awful against a team you think they should beat.

It’s called mediocrity, and the Warriors have cornered the market. They’ve held their public in fan purgatory for years, and that’s where they are again.

WHO’S ON THIRD?: The A’s frontrunner at third base is Josh Donaldson? Really? The guy who arrived at camp looking to compete for the backup catching gig, but played a month or so of Triple-A experience at third base and that’s it? He’s your top candidate? Nice farm system.

While trading Gio Gonzalez, Trevor Cahill and Andrew Bailey for a boatload of prospects this winter, did nobody stop and think, “Wait. Maybe we should get a young third baseman.”

Or did they assume Scott Sizemore would stay healthy all year? Come on. You’re the Oakland A’s. At this point, you should assume everyone is going to get hurt.

LESS IS MORE: Major League Baseball is adding two more playoff teams. Awesome. Now we might get to see a 91-win wild-card team that used its top three starters in the final series of the regular season in a desperate attempt to win its division and avoid the play-in game, only to fall a game short, square off against a second wild-card club with 10 fewer wins that has its ace ready to go for a one-game playoff.

Here’s a couple of questions you have to ask: Were the playoffs broken? No. Is this anything more than a money-grab? No.

Ergo, it’s an idiotic concept, all the way around.

SPEED ROUND: Didn’t see that Ahmad Brooks deal with the 49ers coming at all. Didn’t we all assume he was a goner? Seems like the team isn’t convinced it’ll be spending on a free-agent wideout this summer. ... Your move, Raiders. Or is all that money Al Davis committed to bad contracts asphyxiating you? Reggie Mac has a lot of excess fat to whack. … Jose Canseco has tweeted that he regrets writing “Juiced” and has nightmares about it. Why, then, did he write a sequel to the tell-all? Bonehead. … Red Sox skipper Bobby Valentine’s beer ban in the Boston clubhouse is a hot-button issue within the game these days. Why? In what other industry does an employer provide its workers with free booze before they drive off into the night? Anyone ever heard of liability? … Ben Howland is under the gun at UCLA, yet another formerly enviable institution in shambles, along with Penn State and Tiger Woods.

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