Examiner Editorial: President uses tax money to fund propaganda 

It’s no surprise that Americans are angry this year about reckless government spending. Through TARP, the economic stimulus, Obamacare and many other government initiatives, more than $2 trillion has been used to bail out banks, automakers, auto unions, drugmakers, large insurance companies, well-connected investment firms, insurance giants, homeowners, construction companies, artists, actors, state governments and agricultural corporations, to name a few. But, guess what? President Barack Obama also is using tax dollars to bombard Americans with propaganda for his policies, most of which they clearly oppose.

A new congressional report made public Monday points to the president’s extensive use of tax dollars to pay for propaganda. The most obvious example highlighted by Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Vista, and Republicans on the House Oversight
Committee are the expensive, legally mandated road signs that trumpet Obama’s failed economic stimulus program. There are many others as well. Recovery.gov, for example, is a tax-paid website that cost $18 million to create, yet does little more than peddle job-creation figures that are discredited almost as soon as they are posted.

Last year, the Issa report said, the National Endowment for the Arts was caught holding a conference call to recruit artist-grantees to promote Obamacare. Then, there’s Nancy-Ann DeParle, director of the White House Office of Health Reform, who once urged citizens to report “fishy e-mails” about Obamacare. But, DeParle sent a few “fishy e-mails” herself in March. Her “overtly partisan, unsolicited health reform e-mails” originated from her White House e-mail address and went to “career civil servants in Executive Branch agencies” seeking their help in getting Obamacare through Congress, according to the Issa report. The White House has not answered congressional inquiries about the matter.

The real kicker came last month when Obama enlisted the beloved Andy Griffith to star in a tax-paid TV spot allegedly designed to allay seniors’ fears about Obamacare. But, as FactCheck.org noted, the ad was grossly misleading and seniors’ fears about Obamacare’s $500 billion in Medicare Advantage spending cuts are entirely justified. Obama is not the first president to misuse taxpayer resources this way — the Issa report included the Bush administration’s propaganda for its No Child Left Behind and Medicare Part D initiatives. But, the adolescent plea that “everybody else is doing it” is no more likely to cut it with taxpayers than it does with conscientious parents.

Nobody complains when MoveOn.org, left-wing billionaire George Soros or the National Association of Manufacturers funds advocacy campaigns. The First Amendment protects such speech. With all of the affronts he’s dealt to American taxpayers, however, Obama only adds injury to insult by making them pay to mislead themselves.

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