Ethanol can help if given access to market 

Diana Furchtgott-Roth’s Sunday op-ed is correct that $4-per-gallon gasoline should make us re-examine our energy. But her claim that government investment in ethanol is the cause of high gas prices is wrong.

The increased use of ethanol reduced gasoline prices by an average of 89 cents per gallon in 2010, according to the latest study from the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development. Over the past decade, ethanol consumption saved American taxpayers $34 billion.

The only reason that current ethanol supplies cannot be “absorbed” into the market is because the industry is arbitrarily denied access to all but 10 percent of the fuel market.

By giving consumers access to blends of ethanol beyond 10 percent — through Flex Fuel pumps and Flex Fuel vehicles — we can create an open market where all fuels compete. Then ethanol will continue to displace foreign oil and save motorists money.

Chris Thorne
Director of Public Affairs, Growth Energy
Washington, D.C.

Good riddance, bin Laden

With the death of Osama bin Laden, I have to say that I envy my religious friends who believe he is burning in hell today. As a skeptic, I don’t have the advantage of believing there’s more punishment for Osama than that he’s just dead.

I also want to congratulate President Barack Obama for a job well done. Today the world is a better place and the future is a little brighter now that bin Laden has been removed from existence.

Marc Perkel

Reagan wasn’t that great

Regarding your Sunday editorial that President Barack Obama is turning out to be no Ronald Reagan, all I can say is, “good.”

The media and much of the public loved Reagan because he made warm and fuzzy patriotic speeches. But Reagan is the same guy who authorized selling arms to Iran to finance an illegal war in Nicaragua and took credit for bringing down the Berlin wall when in fact it was just as much Mikhail Gorbachev’s idea.

No president in the past 50 years has had to deal with the mess that Obama is having to deal with while getting fought at every turn. I watch what is going on and I can think of no one I’d rather have in the office right now.

Rewrite history all you want, but I was there, and Reagan was only slightly better than George W. Bush.

Steve Ortiz
Redwood City

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