Erickson: Inside the Beltway conservatives are a bunch of whimps!'s Erick Erickson says the time for talking about cutting federal spending and stopping the growth of the national debt is over, the time for actually doing something about them is here. And Erickson thinks too many conservative organizations in the nation's capital are part of the problem because they are addicted to talking instead of acting.

In a post this morning, Erickson declares:

"The time for nuancing and diplomatic niceties in Washington are over.

"Instead of standing around in a circle of Washington hoo-haaing like conservatives are prone to do lamenting their sorry fate and wringing their hands on what strategy to take to Speaker Boehner and Leader McConnell, conservatives need to adopt a very simple strategy:

"Hold the freaking line."

And how to do that, according to Erickson? Take the Erickson Pledge:

"If any Republican votes to raise the debt ceiling without forcing (1) substantial cuts; (2) enforceable caps; and (3) sending the Lee-Cornyn-Hatch Balanced Budget Amendment to the states, the conservative movement must unite to beat the hell out of them in a primary. Period. End of Story. No more wimping out."

 And Erickson was just getting started with that declaration. There's much more. You can read it all here.

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