Employment: Obama avoids the subject 

What was missing from this picture? The Associated Press does not neglect to point out what wasn't in Obama's speech at a Chrysler facility in Toledo last hour:

Normally Obama talks about the monthly jobs numbers the day they're released, but he never mentioned them directly Friday. He focused instead on the turnaround in the auto industry and how the government has recouped much more money than anticipated from the capital it sunk into Chrysler and General Motors two years ago to save them from collapse.

Obama did have some vague language about bumps in the road to recovery. Then he made a staged appearance, noted as follows by the press pool:

POTUS stopped at Fred's Hardware near the plant. With a store clerk escorting him, he walked down an aisle of garden suppies.

"We are going to get some gloves for the first lady's garden," he said. "She's got long fingers," he added before picking up two pairs of green colored gloves and taking them to the cash register.

He ignored a shouted question from AP's Jim Kuhnhenn about Friday's jobs numbers.

This week has been just one big speed bump for the president.

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