Elliot Spitzer: Gettysburg Address says we need a carbon tax or something 

The eagle-eyed Radley Balko spots a real gem in Elliott Spitzer’s latest column. It’s about sacrifice or something:

After reading the Gettysburg Address, does the idea of a carbon tax to finally move us away from an oil and old-energy dependence that is fouling not only the Gulf of Mexico but our entire climate, foreign policy, and economy seem so outrageous?

Elliot Spitzer honestly thinks he’s in a position to run around telling everyone that it’s patriotic to support a carbon tax that will kill the economy? When discussing national sacrifice relevant historical figure here for Spitzer is not Lincoln, it’s John Profumo.

In 1963, the well-known British politician was caught in a prostitution scandal. After that he spent the rest of his life cleaning public toilets and doing charity work, and largely refusing to venture into the public square. Now that is sincere regret for abusing the public trust.

I’m sure Spitzer is far too arrogant to ever clean a toilet, but the very least he can do is shut up and stop telling the rest of us what to do.

For more on why Spitzer needs to go away quietly, see the Examiner's editorial last week.

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