Election cycle is right where it should be 

I don’t understand why the mainstream media are banging the drums with the canard that Mitt Romney is a flawed candidate because he hasn’t yet clinched the Republican presidential nomination.

At this point in 2008, Barack Obama had not clinched the Democratic nomination. In fact, Hillary Clinton was leading him in the delegate count and was considered by the media to have it all but wrapped up. In 1980, Ronald Reagan was still battling George H.W. Bush for the nomination at this point in the season, and Jimmy Carter was fighting off Edward Kennedy.

In fact, as of today, Obama hasn’t clinched the 2012 Democratic nomination, even though he’s running unopposed, because there haven’t been enough primaries and caucuses to give him the delegate count he needs.
So please hold off on the hasty convictions and predictions. This is how presidential nominations are supposed to proceed, and the media and the MTV-generation public’s need for instant gratification be damned.

Cary Fulbright
San Francisco

Our school plan is failing

In the same week we heard the accolades for retiring school Superintendent Carlos Garcia, touting his record of scholastic improvements, then the scathing report regarding poor performance and higher dropout rates.

The fact is, aside from a few high- achievement schools, the numbers don’t look good. Too many students are quitting, and half of those who graduate do not go on to college. The school district fails to address this problem and continues to push college as the only path. It’s regrettable that they don’t offer alternatives to college, such as the trade schools they closed down.

They will no doubt continue down the same path with Garcia’s hand-picked successor. For the money we spend, and the fate of our students, we deserve better.

Tim Donnelly
San Francisco

Muni boarding back talk

Oh, please. All-door boarding on Muni is going to “begin” July 1? When was the last time Will Reisman ever rode Muni?

I am so sick and tired of being subjected to the pushing, coughing, yelling, eating, drinking, loud music and cellphone half-conversations of freeloaders who push their way in through the back door and often stuff the bus to the point of clogging the door wells. And the minority of riders who do pay use those stupid Clipper cards, which only add to the noise, creating an almost unbearable ride.

Now we’re supposed to believe they’re going to “increase enforcement” when the new rules go into effect. Increase enforcement from zero to two times zero? Give me a break.

Carl Hoffman
San Francisco

Billboards can be useful

Generally, I find billboards  — the ones found on the roadways between cities — offensive.

But, there is a billboard within view of my home, and I think it is of some value as a deterrent to shady dealings.
Those involved in illegal trafficking tend to avoid the scrutiny of curious viewers. Well-lit billboards provide additional security to the neighborhood.

City officials might try a neighborhood stroll in the dark of the night; there’s a lesson to be learned.

William J. Coburn
San Francisco

Election cycle is right where it should be

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