Eisley’s latest release explores ‘Valley’ of separation 

In Texas family band Eisley’s estimation, “The Valley” is a low point between peaks.

It’s also the title of their first album in four years, just out on Equal Vision Records. And it’s safe to say that its songs — like “Sad,” “Ambulance” and “Watch It Die” — echo that dark sentiment, because the three key DuPree sisters, Stacy, Chauntelle and Sherri, have all endured some sort of serious breakup leading up to the album’s recording.

But it’s guitarist-vocalist Sherri who was hit the hardest. In February 0f 2007, she married Chad Gilbert from New Found Glory. By September of that year, they were officially divorced.

“The whole record is about that relationship, just because I was so blindsided by it,” sighs Sherri, who’s now happily remarried to Say Anything’s Max Bemis. “I didn’t see it coming, and it was just not something I’d planned for. And obviously, if they fall for someone else and that’s the reason (for divorce), it makes it a little bit harder, and ultimately you’re like ‘Wow — this person already likes someone else? Why in the hell would I even want to spend my life with somebody like this?’”

Ironically, a new number called “Kind” best summarizes DuPree’s quandary. “It’s about the divorce and this other woman that came into the relationship who — although she probably did not intend for it — ultimately caused the end of our marriage. So the song is about pitying her, just saying ‘Hey — this could happen to you too! This guy doesn’t really commit.’”

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