Eight chances to cut spending, eight failures to act by Democrats 

Here's a morning must-read from The Weekly Standard's executive editor, Fred Barnes, writing in this morning's edition of The Wall Street Journal.

Barnes lays out in stark fact the eight chances President Obama and c0ngressional Democrats have had since February to respond in a concrete fashion to the issue that most concerns most voters, out-of-control federal spending. As Barnes makes clear:

"The parties have very different goals. While Republicans want a cap on spending, Democrats favor a ceiling on the deficit. The distinction is significant. A spending cap is straightforward. But a cap on the deficit can be satisfied by raising taxes, which Democrats prefer.

"To be sure, Mr. Obama frequently pays lip service to tackling spending. 'We've got to comb through the budget and find every dime of savings that we can,' he said at a town hall meeting last month in Reno. 'We'll check under the cushions. Any program that's not working, we need to eliminate.'

"But neither the White House nor congressional Democrats have initiated any net reductions in spending. Not once since the election. Their strategy is to defer to Republicans, then denounce whatever cuts Republicans come up with."

With those White House-sanctioned budget talks led by Vice President Joe Biden having started, it is especially important that voters understand what has happened on the spending issue in the months leading up to the negotiations. Barnes' piece is thus the program guide for the talks. You can read Barnes here.

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