Edward De Guzman to compete for top prize in National Scrabble Championship 

The San Francisco user experience designer will be competing for the $10,000 top prize in the National Scrabble Championship in Dallas beginning today. This will be his fourth National Scrabble Championship. He also set the record for highest tournament game at a competition for the 2010 West Coast Scrabble Championship.

What is the best thing about playing Scrabble competitively?
I see Scrabble as a puzzle. It takes a lot of strategy. There is a lot to think about. I like the complexity of it, it’s very challenging. I have also made a lot of friends across the country. There is a huge Scrabble scene in San Francisco.

How long have you been playing? I started playing in 2004.

Do you have a favorite memory or most-exciting moment? I went to Vancouver for a game once. I really enjoyed that. I have gotten to travel a lot; it has been a great benefit.

If you won the championship money what would you do with it?
I would definitely use it to travel some more. I would probably go to Europe.

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