Ed Lee’s actions showing that he’s actually all talk 

While I was initially impressed with Ed Lee as mayor, I’m starting to see that his words don’t match his deeds.
The San Francisco Examiner reported that Lee, in discussing a new Muni chief, stated that he believes Muni is currently unreliable and he wants to see its on-time performance improve to the mandated 85 percent. However, the recently released civil grand jury report on the Central Subway boondoggle — which Lee vigorously supports — concluded that it will cripple Muni financially, resulting in drastic service cuts and/or fare increases.

If Lee wants his words to match his deeds, he’ll follow the grand jury’s recommendation that the subway project should be scrapped and the local and state funds involved be used to maintain and improve the existing Muni system.

Dorothy Devere, San Francisco

Fundamental pension issue

Neither of the two San Francisco ballot measures dealing with public employee pension reform addresses the fundamental problem. Private-sector employee wages are limited by the willingness of consumers to buy the goods or services the employees provide. No such limitation exists in the public sector.

Public-sector wages largely depend on the political influence of labor unions. What we need more than anything else is a limit on total compensation, which includes cash wages, fringes and retirement benefits.

One person’s income is always a cost to other people. Businesses do not ultimately pay any tax. They may write the check and send it to the government, but the customers provided the money. Business taxes are paid by employees in lower wages, by investors in lower stock values and by the unemployed in lost job opportunities.

Leslie Mangus, San Francisco

Get officers from San Jose

San Francisco needed to make severe budget cuts this spring, and The City can still afford to sponsor another Police Academy class to train new police officers? Wouldn’t it be a better to just hire some of those laid-off San Jose officers instead?

Ann Grogan, San Francisco

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