Ed Lee still on the fence about mayoral run; campaign to encourage him closes down 

The campaign to get Mayor Ed Lee to “run, Ed, run” shut down on Monday as an operation while Lee continues to play coy on whether he will announce his candidacy.

Dozens of supporters turned out to City Hall Monday for one last push to get Lee to enter the race. The group has come under increasing fire of late from people like former Board President Aaron Peskin because of its nebulous filing status and its association with Chinatown powerbroker Rose Pak.

On Monday, one of the principal members of the campaign, Assistant District Attorney Victor Hwang, lashed out at mayoral candidates who were criticizing what he called a grassroots effort to convince Lee that he should run for the good of The City.

“I’m angry about it because it’s truly a grassroots campaign and people like Aaron Peskin are trying to sully our reputation,” Hwang said. “We’ve been meeting every Sunday to try and get Ed to run, and Rose Pak has never been in a meeting.”

Another Lee supporter, Shelley Bradford Bell, called on Lee to forget a promise he had made to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors who appointed him as interim mayor, a promise that he wouldn’t seek office and instead be a caretaker for the next mayor.

“You may have promised not to run, but we haven’t promised to not ask you,” she said.

But for all their efforts – the committee says they’ve collected 51,063 signatures from people who want to see Lee run – the mayor still says he’s on the fence about pulling papers to run, but as he points out, he still has time.

“My gut says to keep my mind open and to focus on the job at hand,” Lee said Monday.

Asked whether negative press will affect his decision to enter, Lee said that if he were to get into the race he would not be afraid of any attacks coming his way.

“When one makes the decision, I guess you have to it without any fear. I’ve been watching the politics of The City for many, many years so everything is to be expected in the political life here."


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