Echoes from Egypt spreading to Yemen 

While all eyes are on Egypt, several news agencies, Twitter feeds and Facebook posts are reporting that protestors marched Friday in Yemen's Capital of San'a and the port city of Aden.

Demonstrations, which began as a celebration of solidarity with the Egyptian people, eventually turned into protests against long-time President Ali Abdullah Saleh. Large scale protests earlier this month forced the Saleh government into talks with the opposition. He agreed to their demands not to run for re-election in 2013, along with numerous other concessions.

However, on Friday other splinter groups used the Internet to call on the Yemeni people to protest again, against Saleh. The protests on Friday were smaller than the ones held earlier this month, according to news reports.

Some media outlets in the region have already reported that one person was killed and others injured during the events. These reports, however, have yet to be officially confirmed.

A fall into chaos by Yemen would be a potential calamity for the U.S. in the war or terror, intelligence officials have told The Washington Examiner. The country is an al Qaeda stronghold with the potential to become a replacement for Afghanistan as a training ground for the organization. The Saleh government has been somewhat cooperative with U.S. efforts to keep al Qaeda off balance there.

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