Drivers, pedestrians out of control in financial district 

The City needs to bring back traffic control in the Financial District. Delivery trucks, Muni and Academy of Arts buses park in the traffic lanes. Pedestrians brazenly jaywalk, ignore traffic signals and step in front of cars, lingering after the crosswalk signal has gone red.

Cars block intersections, ignore “keep clear” exit areas for parking lots and honk ceaselessly from 4 to 7 p.m. at green and red lights alike. Those of us still working have to listen to the ear-splitting clatter.

Time, gas and any remaining work in The City are all put to waste by the parking lot of a traffic system we brave after every day.

Enough is enough. Put traffic cops back on the intersections, particularly during the commute times so we can get to work and home on time and without the anger we must endure.

Thomas Harbinson and Gregory Grinberg, San Francisco

Where is the jobs plan?

The Alliance for Jobs mayoral debate confirmed the notion that San Francisco needs another dozen new candidates for mayor. None of them took notice of the sponsor’s job creation theme.

I tuned in just to hear who had a five- or 10-point near-term job plan geared to employ some of the 50,000 unemployed city residents. I was astonished to hear each candidate profess the usual one-line “job growth promise” or call for support of small businesses without any strategy or plan.

Past supervisor boards ran as many big businesses out of The City as they could. Small businesses grow and prosper when there’s an adequate quantity of large diverse businesses to support their evolution and growth.

Take a look at Oakland’s Mayor Jean Quan, who is actively bringing diverse large corporations to the East Bay to support small businesses. If nothing else, all these candidates’ strategies should include asking Quan for help.

R.E. O’Leary, San Francisco

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