Don’t spend millions on suicide net for bridge 

Now we’re supposed to pay $4 million for an engineering study and $50 million for a suicide-prevention net. Doesn’t the once beautiful Golden Gate Bridge already look like a prison, with its chain link fencing and concertina wire? Don’t waste millions on a project that only affects an average of 17 people per year.

Yes, that sounds callous. But the reality is that when there are limited state and federal funds, you need to put them to use where they do the most good for the most people. A budget deficit is like a triage situation during a disaster. We must prioritize our limited resources of money.

If people want to kill themselves and the Golden Gate Bridge isn’t usable, they’ll walk in front of a train or bus, they’ll jump off another bridge or tall building, use a gun, etc. You can’t stop people from their bad choices. They will find a way.

John Rosati, San Francisco

No golden parachutes

I’ve been riding Muni since college. I can’t believe any San Franciscan would try to alibi for anyone on the transportation commission that gave a $384,000 departing gift to the ex-head of Muni, a department that’s had enormous yearly budget deficits?

We’ve come to expect complete fiascos when it comes to S.F. commission decisions. The transportation commissioners should be required to go raise the $384,000 and any other golden parachutes they intend to give away to departing mediocre employees. No, Muni is a complete disappointment and the entire transportation commission and Chairman Nolan are the reason.

R.E. O’Leary, San Francisco

Adachi speaks for voters

No surprise that a letter-writing city employee is “frustrated” with Public Defender Jeff Adachi’s ballot measure that takes aim at our out-of-control pension system. What is truly frustrating, however, is the illogical demagoguery that is relied upon to make a case.

It is claimed that Adachi’s measure is not citizen-led, unlike the measure crafted by our mayor and Board of Supervisors. Apparently, the backroom dealers are the true “citizens,” not the voters signing the petition to place Adachi’s measure on the ballot. A consensus of self-interest, heart strings and demagoguery just don’t cut it anymore.

Paul Burton, San Francisco

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