Don’t expect Giants to make any blockbuster moves 

click to enlarge Giants general manager Brian Sabean knows his team may need a boost at the trading deadline, but don't expect a major move. - MARCIO JOSE SANCHEZ/2013 AP FILE PHOTO
  • Marcio Jose Sanchez/2013 AP file photo
  • Giants general manager Brian Sabean knows his team may need a boost at the trading deadline, but don't expect a major move.

There's truth in every cliché, including the one that tells us there's no point in crying over spilled milk. What's done is done, so it's time to stop lamenting the loss of the Giants' once-massive lead over the hated Los Angels Dodgers in the National League West.

It is time, instead, for wild, often baseless speculation regarding what the Giants will do before the trade deadline to ensure that the Dodgers don't pull another 2013 and storm, post-early-malaise, into the postseason while San Francisco wonders how the hell it got so dependent on the health of Angel Pagan.

Jeff Samardzija! David Price! Chase Utley! Just a few of the names being thrown around as fans try to climb into the head of Giants general manager Brian Sabean and address some of the club's most glaring weaknesses.

Never mind that the Giants don't have enough to offer the current owners of the aforementioned trio to pull off a deal without compromising another part of the present or a big part of the future. When it comes to mid-season fixes, fans want big names to fill big holes.

If you've been paying much attention to Sabean's deadline deals over the years, though, you know that he's not one to often traffic in headliners. A rare exception was the Carlos Beltran trade, and because that didn't work out as intended, there's an assumption that Sabean is now and forever more will be ascribing to the cliché, "Once bitten, twice shy."

Never mind that it was working out quite nicely before Beltran got hurt. Had he stayed healthy, there's a pretty good chance the Giants would have eked their way into the postseason, and given Beltran's playoff history, who knows? We could be talking three rings in four years.

Still, Zack Wheeler would be a really nice piece for the Giants right about now, so again, there's probably some truth to the cliché. But that's not why Sabean won't dangle any young studs in going after a big name. He won't be doing so because he doesn't really have any young studs.

That means he's likely to do what he does best: make a move or two that elicits little more from Giants fans than a shrug at best, an exasperated "WTF?" at worst.

You know, dumpster-dive moves like picking up Javier Lopez, Ramon Ramirez, Cody Ross, Marco Scutaro. Sexy? Not at the time. But quite the turn-ons come the 2010 and '12 parades, right?

Don't sweat the lost lead. It was bound to happen; the Giants were white-hot longer than even the best teams typically stay, and the Dodgers' rotation is too talented to not put together some hellacious runs.

The milk is already on the floor, and you can bet Sabean isn't crying about it. He's probably busy rooting around dumpsters in an effort to again underscore the truth in yet another cliché: One man's trash is another man's treasure.

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